We’re not in a post-racial society

Despite having had the nation’s first African-American president elected, we’re still not living in a post-racial society here in America.

Getting rid of affirmative action has long been a bee in the bonnet of the right wing. Now with Trump in power they aim to do away with it. They simply don’t see the inequalities that people have fought long and hard against.  Detractors of affirmative action look at it as reverse racism.

As Chauncey K. Robinson states:

We do not live in a post-racial society, where the idea of meritocracy, or access granted solely based on ability and talent, can be truly implemented. One of the reasons affirmative action is still in place in education is that students of color, as statistics continue to show, are not afforded the same opportunities and access as their white peers.

The problem is both a racial and an economic one.  As Jonathan Kozol has often stated in books like The Shame of the Nation.


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