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Worker dies after working 105 overtime hours in Japan

Worker dies after working 105 overtime hours in Japan

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a story like this. Overwork and suicide usually happens in countries like China but this time it happened in Japan. “It’s 4 a.m. My body’s trembling,” she reportedly said in one post. “I’m going to die. I’m so tired.” Takahashi leapt from the company dormitory around Christmas

Will the robots take all of our jobs?

We have seen automation make many factory jobs obsolete but this article has me thinking differently. The idea that robots are going to make us obsolete extends into nearly every industry, even in jobs that humans don’t want to do, like repetitive factory work or dangerous tasks like investigating toxic chemical spills. It’s an embodiment of

They are on the picket lines for Thanksgiving

While there are millions of people enjoying their turkey dinners–there are a bunch of people spending the time picketing this Thanksgiving weekend. Seven hundred workers who make adhesives and sealants for Momentive Performance Materials will spend Thanksgiving on the picket lines. They’ve been on strike since November 2, fighting the company’s efforts to hike health

Verizon lays off thousands

According to an email from the Communications Workers of America, Verizon has laid off thousands of their employees drawing the ire of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo’s office said the closing of two call centers in New York as part of a nationwide consolidation plan is “an egregious example of corporate abuse – among the

Technology will displace more banking jobs

I feel that this was going to be inevitable but the trick is to stay on top of these changes in the market. Technology will displace jobs in yet another sector: banking. Citigroup released a report on Wednesday projecting that up to 30 percent of current employees at American banks may lose their jobs in

Trump ignores employee’s union election

I’m not surprised by this at all. I am a housekeeper at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. This past December, a majority of employees like me at Trump Las Vegas voted YES to a union. But Trump’s company has refused to listen to us and honor the results of our election. Instead, they’ve blocked

Gig Economy Bill in CA Would Allow Workers to Organize

From a state who is trying to allow employers to label its workers as temporary employees in Vermont, we go to California who is doing the opposite. A bill introduced in the California State Assembly would create a way for workers in the “gig economy” to organize. If Lorena Gonzalez’ proposal becomes law, 10 or

Vermont has an Uber bill problem

The Vermont Worker’s Center would like you to know – Right now in Montpelier many legislators, Republicans and Democrats alike, are advancing a bill, H.867, which would gut key tests for workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance and pave the way for employers to classify workers as independent contractors, accelerating the trend towards precarious and low-wage