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How #ferguson protesters and #blackfridayprotests can go after #cybermonday

How #ferguson protesters and #blackfridayprotests can go after #cybermonday

So all weekend we’ve protested over the non-indictment in Ferguson, MO and Walmart’s (and the retail and fast food sectors) dastardly ways. Some were even successful in shutting down a mall in St. Louis. Of course the organizing and the protesting doesn’t stop here and while I won’t go into what can be done in

This is why progressive law groups are important

Recently, Republicans in Pennsylvania passed a law that would prevent prisoners from having their voices heard in public. They did this under the guise of supposedly aiding the victims of violent crime and their immediate family. This law was passed in light of the graduates of Goddard College in Vermont selecting Mumia Abu-Jamal as their

No Bansky is not a racist

Everyone’s talking about a local municipal government in the UK who painted over a Bansky piece because it was considered “offensive.” This has led to the discussion of whether Bansky harbored racist tendencies.  The truth is that if you followed the artist’s work at all, you would know that he is employing wit to tell

The Aaron Swartz of Columbia needs our supoprt

Diego Gomez posted academic research online. In this day and age of the privatization of everything it seems that what he did was a crime. Even things that are supposed to be free and open to everyone is now commodified. This is what drove Aaron Swartz to try and open up JSTOR to the public.

GoFundMe threatens ColorOfChange

The crowdfunding website GoFundMe who currently houses a fundraiser for the officer that murdered Michael Brown in cold blood in Ferguson, MO is trying to employ some Ferguson police department-like tactics to deal with criticism from ColorOfChange. But then last week GoFundMe’s lawyers sent us a Cease and Desist letter, threatening the ColorOfChange community and the movement for

Obama, give me five.

Cuban Five that is. It’s actually ridiculous that there are still members of this group imprisoned for no good reason. The Cuban 5 are five Cuban nationals who worked in South Florida to observe the activities of far right-wing Cuban exiles who had for years been mounting armed actions against Cuba, in which thousands of