Corporatism articles

1 percenter Scarsdale man swindles 4.6 million

Walking around in your neighborhood wearing a hoodie and being a person of color can get you killed. Live in Scarsdale, NY and steal $4.6 million dollars from investors and no one bats an eyelash really. Salvatore Carpanzano, 55, purportedly deceived investors by saying he represented two companies to gain money from a group of

Airbnb seeking to hire community organizers?

I’m pretty skeptical about this. Why? Because it’s a corporation seeking to hire organizers to spread the gospel about their business model. We are looking for excellent Community Organizer candidates to help organize, train, and mobilize supporters of home sharing in Los Angeles. Organizers will be responsible for recruiting and organizing supporters and helping them

WTF Starbucks

Starbucks does a lot that one can be critical about. Historically they’ve been anti-union. Starbucks is also a coffee chain that has probably put a lot of independent coffee shops out of business over the years. Last but not least, they pay their employees low wages and force them to work erratic schedules. With that

Verizon and AT&T using super cookies to track people

It’s a shame to see that Verizon and AT&T have learned nothing from the days when they were linked to giving up information to the NSA under the Bush administration. This is what these two corporations are doing to their customers: The tracking codes—called Unique Identifier Headers, or X-UIDH—are installed on every unencrypted web page

Gilead wants people with hep-c to die

This is why I hate Big Pharma– The launch—the biggest ever of a new drug—put Gilead on track to reap morethan $10 billion in 2014 sales, virtually guaranteeing it will quickly recoup its investment. Meanwhile, Gilead avoided hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. taxes by transferring its patent for Sovaldi to its Irish subsidiary.

Singulair is killing people

Instead of freaking out about Ebola, how about we worry about the drugs that Big Pharma foists upon us every year that kills an untold number of people. The list of drugs that have harmed thousands is long: Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Zyprexa, Vioxx and so on. Another drug we can now add to the list