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Uber has a fight on its hands in Maryland

I’ve noticed that Uber like Google is not above getting political when it comes to protecting their business. In addition to the struggles the ride-sharing company is having in Virginia , the state of Maryland also appears to be going against them. The following is from an email Uber sent out about the Maryland Public

Capital: Thomas Piketty channels Gar Alperovitz

In this excerpt from an interview with the Gothamist blog that Thomas Piketty did, he touches on the subject of property and ownership and how they can be used to democratize wealth. Q: Private property in the form of a home has always been an integral part of the American Dream. Do you think real property

Virginia cracks down on Uber and Lyft

Today the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles issued a cease and desist order to companies Uber and Lyft. The website reports that Arlington County, VA will enforce the order right away. This is probably no different than what other counties in Virginia will be doing. The problem here is really with Uber’s “Uber-X,” “Uber XL”

Google’s self-driving prototype car is here

I for one cannot wait for the day when the majority of the vehicles on the road will be self-driving.  I don’t own a car nor do I have a driver’s license, but this technology will open up a new market for people like me in the future. Even if you don’t go out and

Do you know who the real greedy takers are in our country?

It’s not the 47 percent or even the 99 percent. That’s for sure. It’s what some on the right would call “job creators.” By contrast, every dollar in corporate tax breaks adds only 30 cents to aggregate demand. Most, if not all, of that 30 cents goes to shareholders rather than U.S. goods and services