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Massachusetts had the stupidest idea for teachers I’ve seen in a while

Massachusetts had the stupidest idea for teachers I’ve seen in a while

I truly disdain these corporate, StudentsLast, Teach for (Corporate)America charter lovers. If adopted, the consequences of this “performance-based” licensure system would have indeed been dire. First, teacher tenure would be effectively abolished. Forget due process. An educator could have a solid union contract and be doing a pretty good job; if his supervisor decided he

Andrew Cuomo is worse than a Republican

I’m really sorry to hear Andrew Cuomo come out and support the neoliberal line on education in America. “Governor Cuomo is wrong on this one,” the W.F.P.’s state director Bill Lipton said in a statement to Capital. “His proposed policies on public education will weaken, not strengthen our public education system, and they would represent

Chomsky on the U.S. public education system

I’d hate to be a kid in the public education system today. Especially if you’re from a low income area. The privatization of education is having a corrosive effect on students today. The obsession on standardized testing and charter schools must be stopped and here’s why. Here’s Noam Chomsky’s take on our education system. Chomsky:

Mike Rowe makes a good point about college education

Post by CNN. Mike Rowe is not someone I always agree with but he makes a good point here of talking up the effort to learn a trade. With college tuition remaining unfaffordable to many, plus the fact that many graduates find it difficult to find work these days, learning a trade or a specific

Why for profit colleges hurt our country

What’s sad is that there are large numbers of minorities going to these for profit entities ending up in debt and with a bad employment outlook. While the for-profit business model has generally served investors well, it has failed students. Retention rates are abysmal and tuitions sky-high. For-profit colleges can be up to twice as

The first public school ever created happened last month

We are in dark times when it comes to public education. Both conservative, corporate Democrats and Republicans want to destroy the public school system as we know it. These hucksters fail to see the truth in that what ails some public schools is not bad teaching, but is truly more about bad economics. These corporatists push their charter