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Why the EU GMO rule is an outrage

Why the EU GMO rule is an outrage

The European Parliament, European Commission and the European Council have failed their constituencies when it comes to allowing Monstanto to run wild on the continent. Food safety spokesperson for Greens in the European Parliament, Bart Staes, cautioned that the deal still “leaves too many gaps” and “risks being a Trojan horse” unless countries wanting a ban are

Can Susan G. Komen do anything right?

First Karen Handel and now this: Susan G. Komen and fracking company team up to cause and cure breast cancer http://t.co/bE1r3IbPzp pic.twitter.com/A1dNE6n0qv — Jezebel (@Jezebel) October 8, 2014 Photo by HKA, Inc. Public Relations

Microsoft drops ALEC

Climate change denial costs lives. ALEC is one of the worst organizations out there. They are as horrible and nasty as the NRA, Richard Berman, Burson-Marsteller, Wall Street and the American Chamber of Commerce.

What are plastics really doing to our body?

Not too long ago I remember the fervor that erupted over BPA in plastic bottles and etc. Parents were up in arms about the danger the chemical posed to their babies via the plastic bottles they used. Even the water bottle company Sigg got into hot water when it was learned that their bottles contained