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Chuck Schumer wants to shut out refugees?

I wasn’t expecting this from the Senior Senator from New York. From Citizen Action NY: Senator Schumer said that he thinks it “may be necessary” to shut out 10,000 Syrian refugees from the U.S. While millions of Syrians are facing unthinkable violence, we need our leaders to speak with sanity and compassion. Senator Schumer’s remarks go

Bill de Blasio does right thing on Syrian Refugees

Congratultions to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on publicly saying that he’ll take in more Syrian refugees. We must stop the hate coming from people across the river in New Jersey like Governor Chris Christie saying he wouldn’t even take in a five-year old. From the Huffington Post: “We will welcome the Syrian

FBI paid $1 million to help crack Tor

I sort of felt that Tor had been compromised anyway. Personally I use a VPN but who know what’s good and what’s not. I go by what Torrent Freak says as that’s all I feel I can really do. I know not everyone can pay to use a VPN which is why Tor is so