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Obamacare still not affordable for working poor

Obamacare still not affordable for working poor

This doesn’t apply to people who qualify for Medicaid. This is about Americans who fall into the category of the working poor. They earn to much for Medicaid but not enough to afford quality healthcare. Why are we penalizing the working poor for not being able to afford Obamacare? Furthermore, the mandate is not pushing

Fiorina is dead wrong Obamacare is helping people

How bad is this comment? “Look, I’m a cancer survivor, okay?” Fiorina told moderator Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network. “I understand that you cannot have someone who’s battled cancer just become known as a pre-existing condition. I understand that you cannot allow families to go bankrupt if they truly need help. But, I also

Why Ebola outbreak resembles AIDS outbreak of yesteryear

Think about it. Everything boils down to race and then class. Gierstorfer points out “there are many paralleles between AIDS and the current Ebola outbreak.” He notes “the virus jumped from animals to humans because we come in ever closer contact with wildlife; Africians consume bush-meat because they often have no other choice; deforestation and

Vermont! Fight for single-payer healthcare it’s in danger!

It looks like Governor Shumlin is wavering in his support for the proposed single-payer health plan for the state of Vermont. From the Vermont Worker’s Center quoting the Rutland Hearld: “At his Wednesday news conference, Shumlin seemed to retreat from his steadfast commitment to a single-payer health care proposal, now promising to continue reform efforts

Nationals Nurses United says nurses not trained for Ebola

Nationals Nurses United has come out with a statement saying that hospitals are not training or protecting nurses well enough to deal with the Ebola issue. Eighty percent of nurses say their hospitals haven’t communicated any policy for handling potential Ebola admissions, according to the nation’s largest nurses’ union, National Nurses United. “Respondents to the

The English people need to save the National Health Service

Britain’s National Health Service to many is a sacred cow. It is comparable to how Canadians view their health care system or Americans view Social Security Insurance. Created on the heels of the most destructive world war known to mankind, the National Health Service was given life by a Labour government following the recommendations of

Is the world isolating Africa during the Ebola outbreak?

Doctors without Borders is accusing the member states of the UN of isolating Africa and instead working to seal their borders so that Ebola doesn’t reach their shores. Echoing Liu’s concern that the international community is marginalizing the affected population and potentially worsening the outbreak, Chan told the assembled group: “Ebola is now being labeled

Ask a Republican: Why do you hate Obamacare?

  The Affordable Care Act. If you talk to most Republicans they react like it was a program devised by the anti-Christ. Their hatred for the program and the president himself is so extreme that it renders anything they have to say incoherent. You can’t even take them seriously. When John Kerry ran for the