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Jefferson’s hypocritical views on race

Jefferson’s hypocritical views on race

So I’m reading this article in Jacobin magazine about U.S. and Native American relations during the early years of the republic when I came across this paragraph on Thomas Jefferson’s views on race-mixing between Indians and Caucasians. Jefferson, like many national politicians between 1790 and 1820, insisted that the tensions on the frontier would ultimately

The Native American genocide

Think about it, before Europeans arrived on the North American continent; the indigenous population numbered somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 million souls. When Christopher Columbus “discovered” the Americas in 1492, on his quest for gold and silver, the Native population, which he erroneously called Indians, numbered an estimated 15 million who lived north of

Excited to see The Kill Team tonight

I’ve seen this trailer for about a month or two now.  I get the feeling that this is going to be a truly riveting documentary.  This is a side of war that the public doesn’t often get to see and analyze. Equal parts infuriating and illuminating, THE KILL TEAM looks at the devastating moral tensions

We Need an Internet Archive for the Progressive Blogosphere

The liberal blogosphere to my knowledge first came into being around the year 2002, give or take a few years. Back then you had the upstarts like DailyKos, MyDD, Talking Points Memo, Oliver Willis, Smirking Chimp, AmericaBlog, Pandagon, Hullabaloo, Eschaton and many others; who began the top of what would become a long tail. Many more

The origin of Memorial Day it’s not what you think

Thanks to MoveOn for relaying this tidbit of history to us. From their Facebook page – KNOW YOUR HISTORY: Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up

Thomas Jefferson as tyrant

Rather compelling NY Times piece on the slave master of Monticello. Nor was Jefferson a particularly kind master. He sometimes punished slaves by selling them away from their families and friends, a retaliation that was incomprehensibly cruel even at the time. A proponent of humane criminal codes for whites, he advocated harsh, almost barbaric, punishments