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Even the Uber and Lyft alternatives have issues

Even the Uber and Lyft alternatives have issues

In New York there are car services that are supposed to be better towards drivers. The reality is that even these alternatives have issues. The lawsuit is proof that ride-hail companies pitching themselves as friendlier alternatives to Uber and Lyft are still not immune to much of the upheaval that has plagued those apps. Recently,

Amazon is seriously anti-union 

Amazon is everywhere and with the proposed purchase of Whole Foods they will only grow stronger as a company. What surprised me is to learn of how much opposition there is to workers organizing within the corporation.  Amazon has repeatedly made it clear that it refuses to accept or even acknowledge organized labor. The corporation’s distinctly

What is happening to truckers in America is terrifying

I’m reading this article in USA Today about the indentured servitude that many truckers find themselves in. What’s crazy is how complicit the entire retail industry is in perpetuating this vicious cycle. It involves everything from the large brick and mortar outfits to the online monoliths like Amazon.  Here’s where the retailers come in: Retailers

The Republican healthcare plan is going to be horrible

I’m not a huge fan of the Affordable Care Act because it relented to the private insurance industry. I do acknowledge that it is progress for millions of Americans who were previously uninsured. I do think that the single payer system that states like California are looking into is the way forward.  What scares me

High-End Fashion Just as Bad as the Cheap Stuff

Don’t let the price tag fool you. Yet it isn’t just fast fashion brands that copy other designers or use sweatshop labor. These practices exist across the industry, from budget to luxury fashion. It’s not uncommon to find workers in the same factory producing both fast fashion and luxury fashion garments, or to find them

It’s kind of sad that StoryCorps is union busting

I recall seeing their booth in Manhattan (Grand Central Station?) for years. They do really interesting work but I had no idea that they had a bad side. But a week ago, the workers at StoryCorps in New York City filed for a union election to join the Communications Workers of America, and instead of

Worker dies after working 105 overtime hours in Japan

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a story like this. Overwork and suicide usually happens in countries like China but this time it happened in Japan. “It’s 4 a.m. My body’s trembling,” she reportedly said in one post. “I’m going to die. I’m so tired.” Takahashi leapt from the company dormitory around Christmas

Will the robots take all of our jobs?

We have seen automation make many factory jobs obsolete but this article has me thinking differently. The idea that robots are going to make us obsolete extends into nearly every industry, even in jobs that humans don’t want to do, like repetitive factory work or dangerous tasks like investigating toxic chemical spills. It’s an embodiment of

They are on the picket lines for Thanksgiving

While there are millions of people enjoying their turkey dinners–there are a bunch of people spending the time picketing this Thanksgiving weekend. Seven hundred workers who make adhesives and sealants for Momentive Performance Materials will spend Thanksgiving on the picket lines. They’ve been on strike since November 2, fighting the company’s efforts to hike health