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Regal Cinemas and AMC have a labor problem

Both of these movie theater chains are using a contractor that is hostile to its female employees.

Regal Cinemas and AMC Theaters buy food from Vistar/PFG – a company that pays significantly lower wages for jobs primarily held by women than those held by their male counterparts performing similar work. This is a harsh reality for the women workforce who struggle to care for themselves and their families.

You can take action by sending a message here.

Crispin Hernandez recalled that during his first days on the job, “a cow stepped on my hand. The owner and her daughter were there and they saw that my hand was bleeding and they didn’t care. They didn’t tell me to go to the hospital and they didn’t give me a day off…. Working with cows is very dangerous, and the owners don’t care.”

The Nation.

Why you should never buy a Nissan

Any automobile corporation that is this anti-union does not deserve customers.

Then one-on-one meetings started. Thousands of workers were forced to sit alone with bosses and describe how they felt about the union drive. In such meetings, workers were told of the threat a union would represent. They were told unionization would make the plant more rigid and would lead to many workers not being able to get favors from bosses when they needed time off.

“This raise is helping us put food on the table, gas in our cars, and keep the lights on. Now companies like McDonald’s have a choice to make,” Douglas said. “They can either snatch back our raise and take food out of the mouths of children, or they can do the right thing by honoring the St. Louis wage increase and paying us at least $10 an hour.”

People’s World

The head of the Taiwanese company that plans to bring thousands of jobs to Wisconsin five years ago compared his workers to animals and had the director of a zoo give his executives management tips.

Journal Sentinel

Lipton Tea Unionizes Congrats UFCW

I was surprised to read about this today.

On July 24, members of UFCW Local 400 who work at the nation’s only Lipton Tea plant in Suffolk, Va., voted overwhelmingly to approve their first union contract. The Lipton plant in Suffolk has operated for more than 60 years and produces nearly all of the Lipton Tea sold in North America.

I’m glad that Lipton Tea in North America is now made by union members. Over the years there have been some labor issues with Lipton internationally however.

Working for Amazon sounds brutal

Once again I’m starting to wonder about who is worse Amazon or Walmart.

Amazon’s grand proclamations, on the other hand, tend to focus on domi­nation, not on providing any sort of abstract benefit to society outside the lowering of prices and the delivery of goods. The company has never put forth a rosy vision of the future of service labor. Amazon warehouse work is hard, often subcontracted and kept out of sight of consumers. According to a 2015 investigation by The Times, even at the corporate office, the work culture is unapologetically ruthless.

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