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Atrios’s excellent point on Dean’s 50 State Stratagem

Atrios’s excellent point on Dean’s 50 State Stratagem

Bring Howard Dean and Tim McMahon back to the DNC. One thing that I think people tend to forget is that Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy wasn’t simply about fighting everywhere, it was about shoveling money out of DC before the vultures there could get their hands on it. It was about the idea that

What is racialized space?

Racialized space enables the advocates of expressly racist policies to disavow any racial intent. They speak on behalf of whiteness and its accumulated privileges and immunities, but rather than having to speak as whites, they present themselves as racially unmarked homeowners, citizens and taxpayers, whose preferred policies just happen to sustain white privilege and power.

Obama’s veto pen

Now that the Republican Party controls both houses of the United State Congress, people are expecting President Obama to unsheathe the veto sword and charge into battle. An article in The Nation. magazine referring to a past era with similarities to yesterday’s election results mentioned this tidbit about Truman’s expected use of his veto pen

Chris Chrisite doesn’t want you to vote

I’m listening to Thom Hartman’s radio show and he mentioned that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said that Republicans need to take over state legislatures so that they can control voting mechanisms. Christie stressed the need to keep Republicans in charge of states — and overseeing state-level voting regulations — ahead of the next presidential

I think Paul Begala has his idea of the left wrong

So this is what Begala had to say about a group called Correct the Record who is a rapid response outfit to defend Hillary Clinton. “For the first time in my adult life, the left has their shit together,” says Begala, who relies on Correct the Record for talking points when he prepares for cable