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In Silicon Valley the poor ride a bus all night

In Silicon Valley the poor ride a bus all night

In the movie Snowpiercer, what’s left of humanity is resigned to ride on a train with a perpetual motion engine. The world around them is inhospitable to human life so their existence is carried out on this train. To draw a comparison to something that happens in the real world, we bare witness to the

America now has the most homeless children in U.S. History

That’s pretty remarkable in a sad way when you look at what the country has been through in the 20th century. Prepared by the National Center on Family Homelessness, the report—America’s Youngest Outcasts (pdf)—shows that with poverty and inequality soaring in recent years, approximately 2.5 million children in 2013 found themselves without a roof over

How to fight cities who ban food sharing

If you live in one of the municipalities whose conservative terrorists have decided to ban food sharing aka feeding the homeless; here’s a way that you can think about fighting back and subverting their intentions. Why doesn’t someone create a food sharing app? Think of it as the Uber of food sharing. Someone with a

Are we wrong to enable panhandling?

Below is a viral video of a homeless New Yorker who lives off panhandling and sleeping with different women every night. I recently posted a link to this video on the Facebook newsfeed of a friend who is a social worker in New York City that works with the homeless. I drew attention to the fact that

The nation is starting to realize that poverty has moved to suburbia

That’s right, poverty and homelessness is no longer just a symptom that ails your modern urban environment. Thanks to the twin destructive forces of gentrification and displacement, poverty is now found in suburbs at increasing levels. Here in Washington D.C. displacement is thoroughly under way and has been for a decade or more. Everywhere you look in

This is how you stop poverty for the future

I just finished reading this report by The Century Foundation and Rutgers CURE about the concentration of poverty in America. Over the decades we’ve gone from immense poverty being concentrated in big cities to it becoming more dispersed into smaller areas of the country. What’s important to know is that zoning and planning play a