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The Postmaster General is trying to kill the United States Postal Service

Having Patrick Donahoe run the U.S. Postal Service is like having an arsonist be the chief of a fire department. The amount of mail processing plants that are set to close is going to slow mail significantly.

This is the worst of Donahoe’s offenses

Donahoe’s closings are part of his scheme to eliminate the USPS deficit. He also wants to end Saturday service, let 100,000 workers go by attrition, fire another 100,000, replace full-time unionized well-paid postal worker jobs with part-timers and subcontract out USPS functions to minimum-wage non-union workers at Staples and, APWU adds, Walmart.

And Donahoe demands elimination of door-to-door delivery. All the moves, Dimondstein says, are part of Donahoe’s scheme for “creeping privatization” of the Postal Service. Privatization is also a goal of congressional Republicans.

Photo by wisaflcio