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Interesting point on driverless cars and our future

Interesting point on driverless cars and our future

Wade Rathke on our so called progress.  We have a society that can’t sort out homelessness or figure out a way to evacuate 50,000 lower income, transportation-less people when a hurricane is bearing down, but somehow our heads are spinning over a Jetsons’ style future knocking on our doors, when we are still working out

Dropbox spam is now a thing

Yes, this is actually happening. First they find out what your email address is from scouring the Internet and then they send you an invite to a Dropbox folder with a file that is most likely a virus. So if you get an invite on Dropbox from someone you don’t know then I’d suggest you

Demand Payment from Shareaholic?

Apparently, someone is starting a campaign to demand payment from Shareaholic. This has something to do with the promoted content people use on their sites to generate revenue. There is supposed to be something you click on to demand action but it doesn’t go anywhere. Photo by teamstickergiant

Should Twitter Ban the Paris Burns Hashtag?

There is growing sentiment on the Internet that Twitter should ban the hate speech on their service coming from terrorist organizatons. TheNextWeb has a good discussion going on about this. One could make the argument that this is freedom of speech even if it’s hate speech but utlimatley I think banning hate speech in this

Chomsky on the role of the intellectual

This is what I aspire to be. The role of intellectuals and radical activists, then, must be to assess and evaluate, to attempt to persuade, to organize, but not to seize power and rule. In 1904, Rosa Luxemburg wrote, “Historically, the errors committed by a truly revolutionary movement are infinitely more fruitful than the infallibility

Sam Harris and his white man’s burden

This guy is utterly ridiculous. “It is time for us to admit that not all cultures are at the same stage of moral development,” he pronounces, in tones worthy of a nineteenth century ethnographer. “At this point in their history, give most Muslims the freedom to vote, and they will freely vote to tear out

The death of the PC

I’ve been doing some thinking about the future of computing and I think it is safe to say that the PC and server will eventually end up being niche markets. This process has been underway since the introduction of the first really powerful smartphones and tablets were introduced to the market accompanied by the universal