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Why banks make more money than Apple and Exxon combined

Why banks make more money than Apple and Exxon combined

I would place a wager–similar to the one that the banks placed on subprime loans in the last decade–on a bet that the public in general doesn’t realize how much money banks are making off of student loans. They are making a killing. Yet, in his article entitled “The Legacy of Debt”, sociologist David Fasenfest

The death of the PC

I’ve been doing some thinking about the future of computing and I think it is safe to say that the PC and server will eventually end up being niche markets. This process has been underway since the introduction of the first really powerful smartphones and tablets were introduced to the market accompanied by the universal

Apple received illegal state aid from Europe

Apple Computers Inc. and a bunch of other corporations received illegal state aid from European countries in avoiding their tax obligations. On Monday, the European Commission released a 21-page letter in which it alleges that Ireland and corporate giant Apple have been benefiting from a special tax deal for decades. Tax agreements, signed in 1990

When inequality finally hits rockbottom

Harvard researchers are seeing that the 1 percent will finally have to relent on their greed and addiction to profit maximization; or else the United States will have fallen too far. From Wapo: Porter said this week that three forces will drive business leaders to change: They need  skilled workers. They need American workers to

Fake corporatized protest in front of Apple Store

It’s sort of sickening to see corporatized protest taking shape. In the days of Occupy Wall Street where real protest is going on, we also see these sorts of fake protests that are ginned up by one corporation to go after another corporation. Some are saying this “wake up” protest was orchestrated by Samsung. I’ve also heard

Electronics: Willing to wait if it meant better labor conditions

It would seem from a poll that the National Consumers League conducted; that people would be willing to wait for new electronics if it meant that workers had better working conditions. After Apple made headlines over working conditions at factories in China, a survey commissioned by the National Consumers League, a nonprofit advocacy group, found

Apple, Nokia Factory in Turkey tries to one up Foxconn

Trexta, the corporation in Turkey that manufactures devices for Apple, Nokia, RIM and Samsung; has issues with workers wanting a safe workplace. The scalding hot manufacturing iron fell on her hand and stuck for several minutes before someone pulled it from her burning skin. Help could have come sooner but management had removed an emergency