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America: This is your District of Columbia

  Tell me America are you proud of yourself? You elected Republicans in 2010 that were out to gut everything. Here in DC they’ve seemed to take what the congressional and local Republicans are doing to heart. Here in Washington, city services are already so strained before the proposed cuts that even families with young


Union busting at the Washington Hospital Center

D.C. Nurses Union and the Fight for Health Care | Common Dreams After unionized registered nurses passed out leaflets to patients and visitors in the cafeteria and entrances of the hospital campus a few weeks ago, management’s retaliation was fierce. The next day, the hospital disrupted a union meeting and told nurses they were no


DC: Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro station gets some Smithfield Justice

In the DC Metro system one sees ads done by many different groups. From defense contractors advertising at the Pentagon Metro station to the American Medical Association (who used to oppose universal healthcare) now calling for universal health coverage of some sort. Sometimes you even see good organizations championing their causes in this case, Smithfield