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Get your ads away from Infants to 3-Year-Olds!

“In the middle of taking the pictures, she pulls out this cutely wrapped onesie and says, ‘Oh, here’s a free Disney onesie. We’ll just need your email address,’” Gill recalls. “It weirded me out. I just gave birth, please lay off with the Disney already!”

via The Next Great American Consumer: Infants to 3-Year-Olds | Adweek.

This new mother had every right to be concerned about what that photographer was doing. Also, the fact that they want an email address is also concerning.

Disney and the Chinese Sweatshop

Disneys best-selling Cars toys are being made in a factory in China that uses child labor and forces staff to do three times the amount of overtime allowed by law, according to an investigation.

One worker reportedly killed herself after being repeatedly shouted at by bosses. Others cited worries over poisonous chemicals. Disney has now launched its own investigation.

via Disney Factory Faces Probe into Sweatshop Suicide Claims | Common Dreams.

So now they’re launching their own investigation. That’s great and all but somehow you can’t tell me that this isn’t what we’ve come to expect in the global race to the bottom.


The fallacy of the Disney princess

Behold fairytales don’t really come true but nightmares oh, my child they are all too real. Your little girls are being exploited.

Disney princess narratives have long been a staple of modern girlhood. But Cinderella Ate My Daughter emphasizes that princess culture is a 21st-century phenomenon, the result of marketing executives seeking some consumer magic to boost the corporation’s limp product sales. In 2001, the revenue generated by such Disney-branded princess paraphernalia as dolls, costumes, and room decor was about $300 million. Eight years later, that number had risen to a whopping $4 billion. Little girls are no longer consumers of Disneyfied fairy tales; in the new millennium, they have become the consumed.

Disney preys on you even in the maternity ward

Obviously the marketing and communications departments at Disney see nothing wrong with this.

Late last month, the company quietly began pressing its newest priority, Disney Baby, in 580 maternity hospitals in the United States. A representative visits a new mother and offers a free Disney Cuddly Bodysuit, a variation of the classic Onesie.

In bedside demonstrations, the bilingual representatives extol the product’s bells and whistles — extra soft! durable! better sizing! — and ask mothers to sign up for e-mail alerts from DisneyBaby.com.

I find it kind of sad actually. Why do hospitals even let people in to the maternity wards to foist their goods upon unsuspecting parents and their newborns?

Disney – ESPN – today’s worst corporations in the world!

In a class-action lawsuit filed Monday naming ESPN Zone’s owner Disney, five workers allege this was a violation of the WARN Act, which requires at least 60 days notice—or 60 days severance pay—in the case of mass layoffs at companies with 100 or more employees. About 150 workers lost their jobs when the restaurant closed. About 50 workers and supporters protested Monday outside ESPN Zone, then marched to Baltimore District Court where the lawsuit was filed.

via Today’s Workplace » Baltimore Workers File Class-Action Suit Over ESPN Zone Closure.

This is really pathetic. Everyone knew that the ESPN Zone restaurants were going to be closing. Disney (who owns ESPN) or whoever was dealing with closing these places had enough time to give employees fair notice. This is not only pathetic it is pure arrogance to think you could just get away with this.

Disney healthcare dispute highlights need for national healthcare reform

Disney of all corporations should be leading the charge in the current debate for reforming the nation’s dysfunctional healthcare system. Instead they’re asking their employees to foot the bill for healthcare insurance premiums. Why aren’t they organizing and going to town hall meetings to wage war with the likes of Cigna, Humana, GHI,  Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross and Blue Sheild and &c.?

The clash pits image-conscious Walt Disney Co. against Unite Here Local 11, an aggressive union known for its street-theater militancy. On Thursday, union supporters dressed as Snow White, Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters staged a mass “sick-in” while Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger was scheduled to speak inside the convention center.

Local 11 says the company, which took in $4.4 billion in net income last year, has betrayed Walt Disney’s family-friendly ethos by asking 2,100 employees of three hotels to pay a share of their premiums if they seek company healthcare.