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General Motors the anti-McDonald’s McJobers?

G.M. to Spend $2 Billion i to Upgrade U.S. Plants – NYTimes.com General Motors said Tuesday that it would invest $2 billion in its factories in the United States to meet gradually growing demand for its products in the aftermath of its government-sponsored bankruptcy. There’s a lot that GM screwed up over the past two

Bailout firms give to Republicans who opposed the bailout

This is really one of the saddest things I’ve seen today. Most Republicans did not support the “bailout” legislation and aggressively attacked the Democrats over it. The Washington Post reports that 23 firms that received over $1bn (£634m) in government funds have made political contributions, mostly to Republicans. The companies include car-maker General Motors and

Robert Moses was a nasty man and the evil car companies

So I’m still reading Douglas Rushkoff’s book Life Inc. when I come across this segment on big auto, highways and Robert Moses. Urban-planning masters such as Robert Moses developed highway schemes intended to keep undesirable people from traveling into desirable neighborhoods. In just one of many examples, Moses built highway overpasses with only nine feet

I really don’t get GM and Ford

They’re asking for loans from the government so that they may be saved. They’re not framing it as a bailout mind you. They offshore tons of manufacturing jobs and yet they sill can’t become competitive? I thought that is what offshoring was supposed to allow you to do? With the current strain of economic ideology