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Congrats to Boston Hyatt workers on $1 million dollar settlement

Congrats to Boston Hyatt workers on $1 million dollar settlement

It took five years and a boycott of Hyatt hotels in Massachusetts with additional support from governor Deval Patrick to get Hyatt to finally settle in favor of former hotel employees. Here’s how it all started- Back in 2009, Hyatt ignited a firestorm of protests across the country after it had its housekeepers in Boston

Why not say Hyatt Hurts! on Travelocity, TripAdvisor and Yelp?

I was reading this New York Times article about how hotels are monitoring sites like TripAdvisor and Travelocity to see what customers are saying about them. They even monitor the Internet in general for negative comments directed towards their brand. Customer feedback used to be for internal use only, but as guests increasingly turn to

Super Bowl 46: Remember the Hyatt Housekeepers

  So here we are at the dawn of Super Bowl 46. It’s the New England Patriots versus the New York Giants; an east coast love/hate affair if there ever was one. Super Bowl 46 continues the tradition of the Super Bowl being one of  America’s largest non-secular holidays–rivaling only that of Earth Day. As

Working for Hyatt sucks

Oh, Morgan Spurlock. While I appreciate all that you do as a documentary filmmaker doing ads for Hyatt in your film was probably not a good idea. In my opinion like many hotel chains they are a brand that needs some scarring for their treatment of their employees.  When I heard Stacey Snyder, Hyatt’s Director

Criminal investigation of a Hyatt hotel needed

Union workers say someone turned on the heat lamps in blazing hot broad daylight Thursday, as they walked a picket line in front of the Park Hyatt Hotel. via Workers: Heat Lamps Shined On Hyatt Hotel Picket Line « CBS Chicago. Sure, the Hyatt corporation loves being sponsors of movies like Morgan Spurlock’s film The

Working in a hotel is tough especially at Hyatt

Years ago my mother tried working in a hotel for a few months. It was hard to keep up with the pace they are expected to have. A housekeeping staff person can have forty rooms assigned to them! This is why I totally get what these workers at various Hyatt’s throughout the nation are doing.

San Francisco Hotel Workers Vote to Strike

A strike has been authorized by San Francisco hotel workers. More than 9000 hotel workers are represented by UNITE-Here local 2. Ninety-two point three percent of those workers voted in favor of strike authorization at 31 upscale hotels. According to the union the hotels are seeking to increase workloads by cutting shifts and combining jobs.

More corporate hotel madness: Hell in Boston with Hyatt

Once again it is the Hyatt that enters into the Hall of Shame. Some unscrupulous “housecleaning” in Boston-area Hyatt Hotels has blown up into a giant PR mess that will require some time and gentle diplomacy to clean up. Ninety-eight housekeepers have been fired from three of the chain’s Beantown locales and replaced with workers from

92 workers arrested in sit-in

The fight against hotel corporations continue. When the San Francisco hotel industry hits economic hard times, it means that management doesn’t make quite as much profit as the $200 billion they made over the past decade. But at the same time, they expect the workers who clean the bathrooms and make the beds to make