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Why the EU GMO rule is an outrage

The European Parliament, European Commission and the European Council have failed their constituencies when it comes to allowing Monstanto to run wild on the continent.

Food safety spokesperson for Greens in the European Parliament, Bart Staes, cautioned that the deal still “leaves too many gaps” and “risks being a Trojan horse” unless countries wanting a ban are guaranteed legal certainty their bans can be upheld.

“While the deal strengthens the basis on which member states can ban GMOs after their authorization and allows them some flexibility to use environmental policy objectives as a justification, in addition to the criteria assessed by the European Food Safety Authority, it is not clear if this will provide true legal certainty,” Staes said in a media statement.

“The agreement would fail to ensure there are meaningful mandatory measures to prevent the contamination of non-GM crops, with the myriad of issues this raises for growers wanting to remain GM-free,” he also notes.

The EU had a chance to send frankenfood creators a crushing blow on the European continent. Instead they have opened the door to disaster.

Photo by Stephen D. Melkisethian

WTF Starbucks

Starbucks does a lot that one can be critical about. Historically they’ve been anti-union. Starbucks is also a coffee chain that has probably put a lot of independent coffee shops out of business over the years. Last but not least, they pay their employees low wages and force them to work erratic schedules.

With that introduction out of the way today we learn that Starbucks has also decided to partner with one of the most evil corporations on the planet in Monsanto.

Hiding behind the shadowy “Grocery Manufacturers Association”, Starbucks is supporting a lawsuit that’s aiming to block a landmark law that requires genetically-modified ingredients be labeled. Amazingly, it claims that the law is an assault on corporations’ right to free speech. Even a local Vermont company, Green Mountain Coffee, has joined in.

The legal argument being made here is sociopathic and is twisted logic. I’m even more disappointed by Green Mountain Coffee who was known to be a decent company until now.

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The USDA allows agent orange crops

This is what your federal government is allowing Dow and Monsanto to do to your food.

“Farmers have been sold the lie that they can increase yields and prevent crop failure from weeds by buying Monsanto’s and Dow’s GMO seeds and dousing them in toxic poisons, also manufactured and sold by Monsanto and Dow,” Cummins continued. “But just as scientists predicted, these ‘miracle’ crops are evolving to resist the poisons thrown on them, causing the USDA and the EPA to approve increasingly toxic poisons to fight increasingly resistant weeds. Where does the escalation end?” It’s basically a violent cycle that the USDA is continuing to promote.

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Monsanto crying wolf and playing victim

It’s utterly ridiculous that a corporation that is as powerful and sociopathic as Monsanto could even try and play the victim.

Fresh off of winning the World Food Prize earlier in the week, Monsanto’s executive vice president and chief technology officer Dr. Robert Fraley was back at it on Friday. And by “back at it,” I mean trolling anti-GMO activists—something the company is making a habit of. In a call with reporters, Fraley suggested that the mysterious story behind the zombie wheat found in an east Oregon field was one of sabotage.

Source: Fresh off of winning the World Food Prize earlier in the week,

Mutant Wheat: Monsanto really messed up this time

Ever since the U.S. government gave them the right to patent life in the form of a seed, they’ve set out to enforce those patents with the zeal only once reserved for use by the MPAA and RIAA. From my view it seems that Monsanto has gone about setting up a system that criminalizes not using their products. For example, it is known that you can’t save or sell Monsanto’s seeds but if your neighbor uses Monsanto’s GMO seeds and you don’t, yet you end up with some in your crops, you are held responsible. They’ve gone after seed cleaners using this same logic because they’re saving and reusing seeds, some of which might be generic while a few might not be.

Now the issue of Monsanto’s “products” showing up in places they don’t belong has reached a tipping point.

From Bloomberg News:

Genetically modified wheat created by Monsanto Co. (MON) that wasn’t approved for use turned up on an 80-acre farm in Oregon last month, threatening the outlook for U.S. exports of the grain that are the world’s largest.

This time however the result isn’t Monsanto coming after people with threats. It is the U.S. government that might be assessing some penalties on them.

The location of the farm was not disclosed because of the nature of the investigation, the department said, adding that officials from Oregon, Washington and Idaho along with Monsanto and trading partners were notified before today’s announcement. Criminal violations of the Plant Protection Act may include civil penalties up to $1 million.

Monsanto has responded saying that there should be no feed or environmental safety concerns if their mutant Roundup Ready gene is found to be present in wheat.

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Agent Orange in the news again

For creating such a horrible chemical in Agent Orange, Monsanto and its leadership should forever have to wear scarlet letters. I don’t care about the world according to Monsanto (I support the film though). I want a world without them. Like Dow Chemical in Bhopal and Chevron in Ecuador, Monsanto must atone for their sins eventually even if it takes decades.

I came across this article in the BBC talking about the United States helping South Korea in an Agent Orange inquiry.

Three US Army veterans said they buried about 250 barrels of the hazardous chemical at a US military base in Chilgok, south-east of Seoul, in 1978.

I can only imagine what this has done to people in the surrounding area. After all, the barrels will eventually leak. The sad part is the United States fails to acknowledge the chemical’s ties to birth defects. They say there’s no “internationally accepted” scientific evidence. The pictures I’ve seen on the Internet and in the documentary The Corporation are all the evidence I need to damn this corporation to hell.

Monsanto tries to go around the court – gets smacked down

U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White in August banned the planting and sales of Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” biotech sugar beets after determining that their approval in 2005 by the USDA was illegal. He said the government must conduct a thorough environmental review before approving the crop to comply with the law.

But shortly after the ruling, the USDA issued permits allowing companies to plant seedlings to produce seed for future GMO sugar beet crops.

In his ruling Tuesday Judge White said those seedlings “shall be removed from the ground.”

via CorpWatch : USA: Monsanto GMO sugarbeets to be destroyed: court.

If you don’t like the ruling go around it right? Damn those activist judges right? Well unfortunately for Agent Monsanto Orange sometimes the judicial branch will have its way. Sure they could always lobby Congress for some new law that will let them contaminate the country with their “roundup ready” untested GMO creations I suppose.

The world plagued by Monsanto

So I read on Common Dreams that Monsanto is trying to “fight back” using Web 2.0.

One example of a company that effectively did that is PC maker Dell Corp. Dell-bashing escalated a few years ago, giving rise to the term "Dell Hell." When the company finally started its own blog, it became the forum of choice for critics.

Monsanto similarly appears to be trying to steer discussion about critical issues to its blog so it’s easier to influence the debate, Barnes said.

"Now they’re controlling the posts, they’re answering the questions, they’re directing them to different places within Monsanto and maybe another site," she said. "They’ve taken control of the situation."

Why even bother to comment on their blog? That allows them to control the debate which cannot be allowed. It’s one thing to monitor their online activities but totally another thing to engage them on their own battlefield. For example I follow the dirty coal industry’s @americaspower on Twitter. I responded to them a few times but no more. There’s no point. Now I just monitor what they’re saying. It’s about building power against them not engaging them.

Monsanto has been in the cross hairs of social activists for decades, going back to its days as a maker of Agent Orange and PCBs. That didn’t change with the company’s new focus on biotech and agriculture.

A decade ago, activists expressed themselves by torching fields of genetically modified crops and throwing tofu cream pies at Monsanto’s chairman. These days, activists are challenging the company through the use of YouTube videos and countless blogs that demonize GMOs.

Facebook, the social networking site, is full of anti-Monsanto groups, including one, Millions Against Monsanto, with more than 22,000 members. Another group’s avatar depicts CEO Hugh Grant with a handful of soybeans. Below the words: "No Food Shall Be Grown That We Don’t Own." It seems there’s a way to revile the company in any language.

There is a reason to hate Monsanto and the entire board of directors and other executives, not only their current CEO Hugh Grant. After watching the documentary The Corporation I myself saw the face of evil. Just look at the cows in the documentary.

This is what Monsanto is capable of

Monsanto’s artificial bovine growth hormone BGH (Posilac) is designed to make cows produce more milk. Ignoring the fact that no body needs more milk one of the problems with the use of the hormone is that it pushes the cow to the limits of production and causes illness such as Mastitis. In Monsanto’s own words: "Use of Posilac has been associated with increases in cystic ovaries and disorders of the uterus…digestive disorders…enlarged hocks and lesions (lacerations, enlargements, calluses) of the knee…" On March 1993 the Veterinary Medicine Advisory Committee of the FDA unanimously agreed with the Monsanto conclusion that "Cows injected with Posilac are at an increased risk for clinical mastitis." If you drink milk you will be pleased to know that this disease is treatment with high levels of antibiotics which no doubt find their way into the milk supply. Since the introduction of BGH in the USA, reports of serious health and reproductive problems among U.S. cows have increased significantly.

The Internet is a tool that can be used by both sides. It is just one tool and it is not the only one either. The foundation will always be organizing and communication.

Monsanto and BASF to profit off of global warming?

These guys are like leeches I tell you.

The report of its investigation shows that Monsanto and BASF – which last year announced a $1.5bn “collaboration” to develop new GM crops, including “ones more tolerant to adverse environmental conditions such as drought” – have between them filed patents for 27 of the 55 genes. Others had been filed by companies such as Bayer, Syngenta and Dow.

It’s the corporate gold rush to get to the “climate tolerant” genes. The report by the ETC group in Canada ends by saying:

It concludes: “These patented technologies will ultimately concentrate corporate power, drive up costs, inhibit independent research and further undermine the rights of farmers to save and exchange seeds”.