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Wall Street vulture funds snap up local resources

Imagine you live in a town that is on the verge of bankruptcy—something similar to what Scranton, PA is going through. Your town is at the point where they are reducing the pay of all public employees. Even the town council and mayor are reducing their pay to minimum wage. What’s next to occur is

Occupy Wall Street Librarians file lawsuit against Bloomberg

Sometimes the best type of activism is the legal kind. For decades this is what the Southern Poverty Law Center did and they were quite successful. Also, the Center for Constitutional Rights has had a few victories against the Bush administration. Thursday, members of Occupy Wall Street took a step toward forcing the city of New

Why is Oregon trying to criminalize Twitter?

  It’s the oddest thing. A new law being proposed in Oregon would stop people from using electronic media to promote activities that can be considered illegal. Those activities include anything pertaining to acts of civil disobedience. It would appear this is directly aimed at Occupy Portland as Mother Jones is reporting. The bill, SB 1534, would make

Occupy China?

So far the powers that be in China have clamped down on elements that would spark a version of the Arab Spring from happening in their own country. As this story shows however, there are cracks that are beginning to form in the authoritarian control structure. Villagers in Wukan are fighting to prevent the government

Harrisburg, PA the little #Occupy that could

  I know they can….I know they can. Sure they don’t have the media market of NYC or even Oakland for that matter, heck, even the tundra went viral. Nonetheless, Harrisburg has a cause  that is worth occupying for. They are organizing to protest the pending eviction of the owner of 100 acres in Lewisberry,