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Coal miners lost pay & were forced to listen to Romney

This is really disturbing to me. The workers who showed up to Romney’s Ohio coal mine job creation-a-thon were sort of forced to go there.

“The Pepper Pike company that owns the Century Mine told workers that attending the Aug. 14 Romney event would be both mandatory and unpaid, a top company official said Monday morning in a West Virginia. A group of employees who feared they’d be fired if they didn’t attend the campaign rally in Beallsville, Ohio, complained about it to WWVA radio station talk show host David Blomquist.”

Romney should have just gotten some Young Republicans to dress up as coal miners or something. They could’ve improved on the Brooks Brothers rioters of 2000. Here’s some interesting news for you though. Those coal miners have Hilda Solis at the Department of Labor and Joe Main at MSHA looking out for them. Do they want to go back to the days when a former coal industry person ran MSHA? Probably not.

One reason Romney can’t be trusted: Meg Whitman

Just like that STAR WARS missile defense program, it seems that for Republicans bad ideas don’t go away–they are just simply recycled. When asked about a possible cabinet member recently, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee put forth the name of Meg Whitman. I suppose it was too extreme for Romney to suggest Carly Fiorina.

Here’s some of what Meg Whitman’s management has wrought for HP.

The fiscal third-quarter loss of $8.86 billion includes a writedown for the enterprise-services unit and reflects a 10 percent decline in PC revenue.

I also recall that Romney was praising Whitman even as she was about to lay off 30,000 employees. Thank goodness the voters of California did not elect her governor in 2010.

Romney & Marriott Sucks: Avoids paying taxes

Most hotels treat their workforce like garbage. They pay them low wages and don’t give them benefits and etc. Some hotels are hostile to union organization as well. So it makes it all the more important to highlight their tax-dodging efforts.

During Romney’s tenure as a Marriott director, the company repeatedly utilized complex tax-avoidance maneuvers, prompting at least two tangles with the Internal Revenue Service, records show. In 1994, while he headed the audit committee, Marriott used a tax shelter known to attorneys by its nickname: “Son of BOSS.”

Romney likes to say corporations are people. Yet, how many people can avoid paying their taxes like Romney and Marriott?

Mitt Romney, the auto industry and Michigan


Will Michigan hand Mitt Romney a defeat for his stance on the auto bailout?

Personally, I’m one of those on the left who can actually find common ground with those on the right like Mitt Romney, when it comes to the bailout of the U.S. auto industry. It’s government welfare for corporations and if we (unfortunately) give such a hard time to American citizens who seek help in their time of need; then we should not be giving corporations a free pass.

When a corporation comes upon hard times, I’m more of the mind that they should go through a restructuring phase; where they right themselves and emerge from bankruptcy. I would like to add that I’d like to see as many jobs preserved in the process as possible. Mitt Romney says he was advocating for a restructuring vs. bailout strategy in regards to the auto industry.

There’s one problem with Mitt Romney’s thinking as it is applied to the U.S. auto industry however:

To go through the bankruptcy process, both companies needed billions of dollars in financing, money that auto executives and government officials who were involved with Mr. Obama’s auto task force say was not available at a time when the credit markets had dried up. The only entity that could provide the $80 billion needed, they say, was the federal government. No private companies would come to the industry’s aid, and the only path through bankruptcy would have been Chapter 7 liquidation, not the more orderly Chapter 11 reorganization, these people said.

In closing, there are established figures in the auto industry like Bob Lutz, the man behind the Chevy Volt, who are so furious with Mitt Romney that he’s mailed in an absentee ballot in the Michigan Republican primary for Rick Santorum. A lot of industry executives believe that there came a time where you had to put aside ideology and face reality.

Jared Bernstein tells Romney Econs put up or shut up


OK so he didn’t really say it that way, but that is what I got from his latest blog post.

Gov Romney’s got real economists on his team.  If he wants to make the case that things would be better if we followed his plan—which actually looks pretty Hoover’esque to me—explicitly anti-stimulus re jobs and liquidate the housing market—let’s see the model.   True, most people won’t believe it anyway, but those of us familiar with counterfactual analysis would like to see if there’s anything there, or if this is just disgruntled smoke-blowing.

So where is their model? Actually, where is the model that says not renewing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy would cause the damage that conservatives have been warning us of?

I’m so sick and tired of this Washington outsider garbage


Throughout our modern political history, there have been many a candidate running for national office who favored setting up Washington D. C. as the proverbial straw man to be knocked down for our benefit. Yet, the pathetic outcome of this political kabuki dance is often lost on the voting public. Once these men and women of the majestic lands “outside of the beltway” enter the District of Columbia, they often end up becoming the insiders that their former selves railed against.

You’ll often hear candidates say that they should be sent to Washington to clean house and shake things up, but therein lies the problem–government does not work that way. To get anything done one must build coalitions and yes, compromise, even if it’s done begrudgingly.

The Republican House leadership may have wanted to be tea party darlings, but some of them also realized that to keep the House functioning—they’d have to seek another path, which is what Boehner and others did. And what of that freshmen class of tea partiers elected in 2010? Why, they’ve also had to be put in their places and succumb to the GOP House leadership.

It seems that their revolt is going to take longer than they or their movement anticipated. Yet, that is how it works. You have to work within the system while slowly taking it over, if they can.  By the time that revolt, if successful, is completed the antagonists will find soon enough that they too have become insiders themselves.

I guess the point I’m making is this: it’s all right to be an insider so long you hold on to your principles. Actually, I think that you need to become an insider and know your colleagues on both sides of the aisle and the institutions of government to be effective. People are often frustrated with Washington without fully understanding how government works; this is where laws are made. You can’t live without government and you can’t live without Washington D.C. However, the one issue that people outside of the beltway have with D.C. that I find relevant is their complaint about gridlock and polarization.

Also I’d like to say that Washington D.C. is not Mars. There are regular people who live and work here, despite what Mitt Romney seems to think.

From the Washington Monthly’s – Political Animal blog:

“[W]e need to send to Washington someone who has not lived in Washington, but someone who’s lived in the real streets of America…. We need to have someone outside Washington go to Washington.” [emphasis added]

First of all, like Steve Benen says, I hardly doubt that Mitt Romney lives anywhere near a “real American street.” With that said, I would like to remind people that D.C. is a real American city. It’s citizens are taxed without representation I might add. Not everyone here works for the federal government, a think tank or even a NGO—though a majority of us do. There are people here just trying to make a living like everyone else in this country.

Lastly, despite the amount of vitriol that is often directed at this city; I would like to point out that we still get a large number of tourists. This is the nation’s capital and it is still something to be revered. So stop hating on D.C. and find a new straw man or woman for that matter.

Romney hates paying taxes to the US

So he wants to be the President of the United States. Yet, how can you be the President of a country that you don’t like paying taxes to? Setting up off shore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands? Oh, Mitt.

As the ABC News report says:

The Romney campaign says he has paid tax on all his income including the off shore investments and the investments are now held in a blind trust. But tax experts say the fact that Romney’s company Bain Capital under his leadership, established investment funds off shore in the first place, helped them to attract  business from people looking to avoid US tax.

Mitt Romney: Your walking contradiction on corporate taxes

In the ultra right wing Republican Party Mitt Romney is his own worst enemy it would seem.

“How could he do this to businesses as a business guy?” Joe Casey, then a top executive at a Massachusetts bank, Seacoast Financial, recalled asking colleagues whose companies had to pay up after the Romney administration closed a tax loophole. “It was very aggressive, and it was a surprise.”

As Governor he tried to–in the NY Times on words “extract”–millions of dollars from corporations to close the budget gap in Massachusetts.  He would make a good poster child for US UNCUT the movement in the United States to get corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. At this juncture Romney might want to consider going down to Wall Street and joining the protesters there as well!

W Spam LLC and Mitt Romney today’s worst people in the world!

What we do know is that W Spam LLC came into quiet existence, threw $1 million at a Super PAC backing the Romney campaign, and then quietly dissolved, never to be heard from again.

via Political Animal – Taking secret donations to farcical depths.

You know honestly I have to say this–Mitt Romney reminds me of a 1920’s era Republican. He’s like this generation’s Calvin Coolidge. He’d be a robber baron back then. I’m sure he applauded the Citizen’s United v. FEC ruling. This is not what democracy is supposed to be about. This is not free speech.