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Scott Walker says the minimum wage serves no purpose

Just like his Republican governor comrade Chris Christie it appears that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also has a problem with the minimum wage. Chris Christie told the audience at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event that he was tired of hearing people complain about the minimum wage. Scott Walker simply says that the minimum wage serves no purpose. What’s also sad to hear is that Scott Walker actually thinks that $7.25 an hour is a living wage.

Photo by Gateway Technical College

Does Scott Walker face an indictment?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker faces a recall election on Tuesday. Even if he wins that recall election, it now seems that he faces a possible indictment.

The sources indicate Walker’s status was clarified more than a week ago (emphasis added), allegedly following a series of requests by Walker’s legal team that prosecutors publicly clear him of any wrong doing before the recall election. Take Action News reached out to Governor Walker’s spokesperson for comment on this story and received no response.

The investigation began in 2010 when Walker served as Milwaukee County executive. Six people have been charged, with accusations ranging from campaigning for Walker on government time to embezzlement. 13 other Walker associates have been given immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony in the case.

Now this doesn’t mean that the recall election isn’t as important anymore. To me it’s just another reason why Scott Walker should be removed from that office.

Scott Walker’s Reagan Fantasy #wiunion

Governor Scott Walker in Total Recall

Earlier in the year when Scott Walker sought to destroy Wisconsin by taking away collective bargaining from public employee unions, he trotted out the image of Ronald Reagan and PATCO. He told his staffers to stay strong and that he was being tough like President Reagan was when he broke the PATCO strike.

After reading Collision Course I have to concur with its author Joseph McCartin and question whether Scott Walker ever took the time to actually read about the PATCO strike of 1981. If he had done so the governor would have learned that Reagan first sought to make a deal with the air traffic controllers. After all, Ronald Reagan was a former president of the Screen Actors’ Guild and he didn’t necessarily want to alienate the entire labor movement. Yes, that’s right. There was a time that Republicans weren’t knee-jerk anti-union. Even the conservative saint Ronald Reagan would’ve looked at today’s Republicans and their relations with organized labor in bewilderment.

The Reagan administration would’ve actually given PATCO a five percent increase. There were many hardliners in the administration who actually thought that the government should not bargain with unions over pay per government law and sought to derail the offer. During negotiations the FAA came to realize that PATCO didn’t want to strike at first and then proceeded to change their position. Nonetheless, even after the take backs on the part of FAA negotiators, had PATCO accepted that offer history would have turned out different.

So the lesson to Scott Walker is this: Reagan wasn’t rigid. Only in the end after PATCO went on strike did he hold his ground and sought not to rehire them. If PATCO hadn’t gone on strike history would’ve turned out differently.

A lesson from Wisconsin on organizing

Madison revived the concept of street protests, strikes, and solidarity actions that had seemed to be all but extinct, replaced by the passive point and click activism of the Internet age and cautious top-down, D.C.-centric labor leadership. As labor fought for its life in Madison, I worked feverishly to document the revival of the in-your-face direct action, civil disobedience, and organizing that had built the labor movement in the 1930s.

via What Wisconsin Means — In These Times.

Yes, activism has suffered from it becoming point and click passiveness for many. But I’ve always felt that the purpose was to organize online for the action that happens offline. That is what the Dean for America campaign along with MoveOn started. So in that sense Wisconsin has righted online organizing as a tool that you combine with the offline effort.

One cannot deny that the Internet did play a huge part in mobilizing people. Twitter feeds helped spread news and I’m sure Facebook played a part. Then you have all the bloggers contributing to the narrative. I’m sure I saw a number of Youtube videos and live streaming videos from Ustream during the height of the protests in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker is upset and I am glad

The recall primary and general election results have shaken the confidence of Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans — so much so that the governor was on right-wing talk radio last week decrying his critics as “almost anarchists.”

via Teamster Nation: WI RECALL: Is Walker losing it?.

Did Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans actually think they were untouchable? Please tell me they seriously did not think that after ramming through draconian anti-union legislation that they’d be safe. When the recall cometh even the Madison strangler Justice Prosser will not be able to help them. Scott Walker might have to leave the state once this is all said and done.

Recalling the Walker 6

I love the energy in Wisconsin I honestly don’t know where they get it to keep this fight against Governor-to-be-recalled Scott Walker [R] and his cabal going. It would seem the rallying cry of the progressive/labor movement for the next decade will be to REMEMBER WISCONSIN! They have already come close with un-Justice Prosser almost booting him from the bench. Yes, we could talk about the alleged election shenanigans—but he likes to strangle people so there’s that.

Today, voters in six state senate districts will choose Democratic opponents for half a dozen Republican-held seats. But these primary elections have been marred by Walker supporters who recruited fake candidates to run in the elections in an attempt to sow confusion among voters. The winners of today’s elections will face the six Republicans in an Aug. 9 general election.

On August 9th if it’s a Republican and it is in Wisconsin recall it. Stamp on its forehead defective goods and send it elsewhere.

Why is Scott Walker giving so much away to insurance corporations?

Using a mask of “job creation” Scott Walker is planning to give away millions to his friends.

The portion of the bill that has drawn intense bipartisan criticism is the Jobs Now Fund, which would provide $200 million in state tax breaks to insurance companies in exchange for $250 million of their own capital. Out-of-state financial management firms known as certified capital companies, or CAPCOs, would use the money from the insurance companies to invest in or lend to Wisconsin businesses.

At the end of the fund’s life, the capital companies would be allowed to keep 75% to 80% of the profits. And the companies would not have to reimburse the state for the tax credits.

If I were a voter in Wisconsin I’d be concerned.

Today: Axis of Evil Scott Walker, Rhee and Corbett in DC


Labor, community and education activists protest the “right-wing education trifecta” – former DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett – who will be speaking at the American Federation for Children, an “ultra-right-wing group funded by billionaire Tea Party backers.” report event organizers, including Keystone Progress. Click here for more information.

Unfortunately I can’t get there for this protest but at least I know that Scott Walker will receive a warm welcome. Also I had no idea that there was such a thing as a right-wing Democrat which is what Michelle Rhee has come to be. I mean I heard of blue dogs and what have you but Rhee doesn’t seem to fit that mold. I mean to take part in an event sponsored by Tea Party backers?

Wisconsin Republicans like to forge signatures

Wisconsin GOP allegedly forged signatures on recall petitions | The Raw Story

Forged signatures of dead people have been discovered on Republican Party of Wisconsin recall petitions against Democratic senators, but Republicans are blaming their opponents for the forgeries.

The sad thing is they accused ACORN of all this vote rigging stuff when it turned out James O’Keefe’s videos like everything him and Andrew Breitbart are about were lies.

Dan Hunt, the chairman of the Wirch recall committee, blamed Democrats for the signature, saying it was intentionally forged to discredit the recall effort

They are also really horrible at passing the blame it would seem.

Creating a Wisconsin is now an actual term

I found this very telling.

Real estate and construction executives said they were not trying to create a “Wisconsin,” referring to political efforts in Wisconsin and elsewhere to strip union workers of bargaining rights.

As far as the story goes involving construction in NYC. When you have former associates of the Manhattan Institute drafting reports calling for changes in work rules and productivity. It’s hard not to judge them in a harsh light. The Bloomberg administration is probably smart for staying out of this one. Yet, it would seem that if these builders were actually wanting to bargain in good faith, the unions would be willing to compromise on certain things.