Worker dies after working 105 overtime hours in Japan

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a story like this. Overwork and suicide usually happens in countries like China but this time it happened in Japan. “It’s 4 a.m. My body’s trembling,” she reportedly said in one post. “I’m going to die. I’m so tired.” Takahashi leapt from the company dormitory around Christmas


Chipotle has an E. Coli Outbreak?

Since factory farming took its hold on the agricultural system of the United States it’s not suprising to see these kind of outbreaks become more frequent over the decades. Hearing of E. Coli outbreaks affecting everything from meat products to even vegetables have become the norm. Yet no one is willing to take on the


Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm loses billions and I’m not sorry for him

So Bloomberg news wrote a story about an oil magnate by the name of Harold Hamm and how he has lost billions of dollars since oil prices have dropped. I guess they feel that this is news and that we should feel sorry for him. Well, the truth is I don’t feel sorry for Mr.


In Silicon Valley the poor ride a bus all night

In the movie Snowpiercer, what’s left of humanity is resigned to ride on a train with a perpetual motion engine. The world around them is inhospitable to human life so their existence is carried out on this train. To draw a comparison to something that happens in the real world, we bare witness to the


Obamacare still not affordable for working poor

This doesn’t apply to people who qualify for Medicaid. This is about Americans who fall into the category of the working poor. They earn to much for Medicaid but not enough to afford quality healthcare. Why are we penalizing the working poor for not being able to afford Obamacare? Furthermore, the mandate is not pushing

Working Families Party

So you lost a midterm election

As bad as things may seem remember a few things. A lot of the seats that were up for grabs were in conservative states. I can’t fathom why Maryland would elect a Republican governor but oh well. The truth is that both political parties are miserable failures. Progressives work hard to elect Democrats because the