Baseball’s 1 percent aka the owners are rotten to the core

Keith Olbermann reminds us of what baseball’s owners are capable of. They would do this now if they could get away with it. Actually the owner-class of most professional sports associations are like this. Whether it’s the NFL, NBA, NHL or the MLB. The NFL just recently emerged from their own foolishness of locking out their referees, which backfired big time.

From Olbermann’s blog:

As the realities of the new economics of the game unfolded in the ’70s and ’80s it became obvious that for years, for decades, for generations, the owners had been keeping 70, 80, or maybe 90 percent of all revenues, and that even as society grew more affluent and the definitions of disposable income and luxury almost switched places, the owners kept hitting the players over the head with the economic hammer just because they could.

Thank goodness baseball had Marvin Miller. What he did for the baseball players association reverberated throughout professional sports. Miller created the model for future player organizing. He’s been denied entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame due to the lack of votes needed. I sure wish they’d wake up and get him in there.

via Marvin Miller, RIP « Baseball Nerd.

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